17 Precious Before And After Photographs Of Animals Grown Up Together That Are Simply Adorable

9Some grow and some don’t

These two adorable friends were the same size as pups and it does somehow look like the little guy was actually a big guy in the first photo. In the second it seems he doesn’t look too happy at the giant in front of him and must be wondering how on earth that happened.

Some grow and some don’t

Image Source: coconutsky.club

10Callie and Stewart

Best friends don’t have to be of the same size as you can see here. There is certain chemistry between these two buddies and the dog Callie is highly protective of her little friend Stewart. This is the most adorable set of friends.

Callie and Stewart

Image Source: dog-vs-cat.com


This seems an iconic example of how time flies. One moment they were babies and now these two have grown into big felines. The picture oozes emotion and one can’t help marveling and relating to it.


Image Source: blazepress.com

12Besties forever

Now this is also a very lovable photograph. It seems this bunny and dog has grown up together and is now very fond of each other. From the looks of the photograph, they seem inseparable.

Besties forever

Image Source: propositive.ru


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