17 Precious Before And After Photographs Of Animals Grown Up Together That Are Simply Adorable

If there are any species on this planet who can teach us a thing or two about love and bonding, it is animals. Dogs of course are man’s best friend but you’ll be surprised how some animals regardless of domesticated or wild can actually grow so fond of each other that they even forget they are so diverse in nature. Have you ever seen a cheetah and a dog grow up as brothers? Well that has happened as you’ll see the photos here which are so lovable that they will bring a warm glow to your heart. These pictures are really cute.


1 Kasi the Cheetah and Mtani the Labrador

This cheetah and Labrador are best friends; they share a tight bond with each other ever since kasi was a baby. It was Mtani who befriended the little cheetah who has obviously outgrown the dog but that makes no difference to them.

Kasi the Cheetah and Mtani the Labrador

Image Source: yandex.com


2Jupiter and Moose

Have you ever heard of the Disney classic “Fox and the hound”? Well, this is the real-life example of that beautiful movie. Jupiter the fox and Moose the dog in real life are the best of friends from the time they were kids as you can see from the picture.

Jupiter and Moose

Image Source: yandex.com

3Pumpkin and Oreo

Pumpkin the raccoon just dotes on Oreo. Pumpkin was rescued from the streets in Bahamas when she was a baby and Oreo’s family decided to adopt her. Now pumpkin thinks she is a dog.

Pumpkin and Oreo

Image Source: Sopitas.com


4Milo and Stuart

Now this is hilarious. Stuart the guinea pig even has his hair done up like Milo and looks like some hair decoration standing on Milo’s head. They love each other and Milo really puts up with Stuart’s antics.

Milo and Stuart

Image Source: woofposts.com


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