Porpoise Lost Her Life with Muzzle Wrapped Around Its Mouth Preventing It from Feeding

5Its mission is to educate fisherman on sustainable fishing practices

Biopesca has even educated fishermen to try and sensitize them to using sustainable fishing practices. The relationship called the Amigo Fisher Project was established and combined with constant monitoring of the partnership to investigate how marine species like dolphins and turtles are threatened with fishing activities. Biopesca includes Biologists, Oceanographers, Veterinarians, and professionals in the Administration and Social Communication area.


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6It organizes various marine environmental protection projects

In addition to monitoring, there is also the Caravan Friend Fisher Action that trains and educates fishing communities about responsible fishing practices and sustainable entrepreneurship. It helps them look for alternatives so that the coexistence between fishing and marine animals is preserved.


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7What the officials have to say

The veteran who is in charge of Bipoesca, Rodrigo Valle, veterinarian responsible for the institute, said the species is at risk of extinction. The Biopesca team studying the animal through necroscopic examination said there was no sign of food in the stomach of the animal, except for plastic pieces. Valle states that “death shows the human impacts on the marine ecosystem of that region of the State.” – We had occurrences with different species. Trash is mostly plastic, and the situation is very worrying, “he said.


Image Source: biopesca.org.br

8Plastic material should be discarded properly

Material like seals should be disposed of properly. There should be cut before being dumped so that animals cannot be trapped. They also need to be disposed of in suitable places. The problem is in the mindset of people who care little for the environment and who have made our oceans into floating dumping grounds.


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