Porpoise Lost Her Life with Muzzle Wrapped Around Its Mouth Preventing It from Feeding

The damage caused by humans to the environment becomes more evident with every passing day. In 2018 the world witnessed several incidents reported on the internet with the most dramatic being a whale lying dead with almost 6kg of plastic inside the stomach in Indonesia, after that, it was the turn of a porpoise to die because of the interference of human beings in their natural habitat. The great pacific garbage patch is something we should all be concerned with. And the biggest impact is because of plastic garbage. This one was even worse and amounted to cruelty because the porpoise was found with a muzzle on its mouth.


1Porpoise found dead in Sao Paolo found muzzled with discarded seal

The porpoise was found near the edge of Praia Grande, which is located on the coast of São Paulo. The marine mammal had a seal attached to a muzzle that was wrapped around its mouth and this prevented it from feeding. This was truly sad that harmless and beautiful creatures with no voice to protest have to suffer human atrocities each day.

Image Source: www.rbsdirect.com.br


2Examined by Biopesca institute

The dolphin was found by the Biopesca Institute, of Sao Paolo Brazil, responsible for the rescue. It was already dead when it was found and showed signs of severe malnutrition and plastic remains in its digestive system. One wonders how many more such dolphins, turtles and whales are sharing a similar fate.

Image Source: mirror.co.uk


3It was found by a fisherman

As for the dolphin washed ashore, it was found by a local fisherman. It was dead and accidentally trapped in the net that he had thrown into the sea. It was an adult male, who was taken into the care of the Biopesca Institute who monitors the region.

Image Source: glbimg.com


4Who is Biopesca?

The Biopesca Institute is a non-profit civil association established in 1998 in Praia Grande, São Paulo, Brazil. It was set up to promote the conservation of marine species that are being threatened with extinction. It seeks to initiate research and environmental education actions among public and professionals alike.

Image Source: www.biopesca.org.br


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