17 Photographs Of Tibetan Mastiffs Posted By People Showing How Funny And Cute These Gentle Giants Can Be

5Cute and Adorable

Tibetan Mastiffs can also be highly socialized and domesticated. They can even live in spacious fenced yards with considerable space for their movement. However, Tibetan Mastiffs is not suited for apartment living and should be kept in larger self-contained large houses.


Image Source: tudointeressante.com.br

6My bodyguard

Western bred Tibetan mastiffs are quite easy-going but they also remain aloof with strangers who may visit their homes. Because of the breed evolving through hundreds of years of breeding as a family guardian and flock protector, they have become much sought after as a nocturnal sentry dog that can keep predators and intruders away.


Image Source: boredpanda.com

7Mom let me ride in the front seat

One thing that is never recommended is to keep Tibetan mastiffs outside at night especially if one has neighbours in the vicinity. This is because they are highly vigilant and active during the night and sleep during the day. This means they may bark at just about any suspicious movement at night.


Image Source: amomeupet.org

8What dreams are made of?

Tibetan Mastiffs in the same way as all flock guardian dogs are highly intelligent but can be quite stubborn to a fault. They need obedience training because they possess a strong will and are a powerful mentally strong breed. They are also reserved where strangers are concerned and this is because of their guardian instincts.


Image Source: www.hidogcat.com


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