15 Of The Most Loyal Breeds Of Dogs Every Dog Lover Should Have


Another small dog that has a big dog attitude is the so-called ‘wiener dog’. They are actually fiercely protective of their humans and will do anything for them. They are very attached to their families and get along well with people. They are curious and friendly but also fierce.


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They might look big and scary but they are actually great for having around a family. They are alert and absolutely fearless. At any sign of danger, they will protect their family and fight off intruders. They are known to be extremely faithful and will protect their owners at all costs and they love babies.


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They look a lot like Dobermans and are intimidating and scary to look at. But behind the scary exterior is a loving and playful little puppy. They are very devoted and playful and are very good with kids. They will do anything for fun and love to play with their owners.


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9Golden Retrievers

Goldens are a favorite in America and almost every family has one. They are adorable to look at, fun to play with and good to have around the house. They are very playful and loving by nature. But if they sense danger, they will become fierce protectors. Their loyalty is unquestionable.

Golden Retrievers

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10Labrador Retrievers

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are blended to make this species which is one of the favorite dog breeds around the world. They are a favorite as family pets and are great with kids. They are so loyal that they will be by your side at all times. Whether you are going out in the cold or sick in bed, they will want to be by your side.

Labrador Retrievers

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