The 5 most expensive Animals in the World are costlier than your super car


In Britain Pets are revered to the point of the country spending almost £ 5 billion year on various types of pets. Regardless of exotic fish or furry animals, birds or a dashing horse, Brits have always shared a long lasting affection for their animal friends and the tradition spans centuries. History dates the earliest known record of man keeping a pet dog to 10,000 BC. 7000 years later, Egyptians began their own love affair with cats which gave rise to the most famous Egyptian breed called Mau and the Egyptian cats.

Pets don’t come cheap. With the booming pet industry in the UK, it cost approximately £17,000 pounds to maintain a pet according to Sainsbury pet Insurance Company. Listed below are the world’s five most expensive pets according to pet expert Simon Booth.

1 White Lion

White Lions are exceedingly rare. They can be found in the remote areas of South Africa’s Krueger National park where below 300 only exist in the wild. The unusual white color of these lions is not because they are albinos but because of a genetic mutation that appeared only among lions in the Timbavati Game Reserve. Each Lion can fetch a price tag of £ 105,000.

White Lion

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2 Labrador

Labradors are the most lovable and affectionate of dogs. They make excellent bomb sniffers too. Labradors are the most popular pet breeds in the UK where currently there could be more than 500,000. The average cost of Labrador is £650 to £850 but the costliest Labrador till date is Sir Lancelot Encore who was cloned for a price of $ 155,000 from the genes of the original and famous Sir Lancelot Encore who died in 2012. His grief stricken owners Edgar and Nina Otto decided to get a cloned pup so that they could resurrect their beloved Lancelot again.


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3 Holstein Cow

The Holstein cow named ‘Missy’ was purchased by Canadian investors for a staggering $1.2 million in 2013. The cow was an award winner and is said to be in perfect proportion with perfect sized udders and teats. Missy isn’t just a show cow; she is highly prized for her milk production as well as embryos and calves.

Holstein Cow

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4 Tibetan Mastiff

A huge Asian dog breed and the costliest dog in the world, the Tibetan mastiff is a majestic dog species that can even resemble a huge lion. It is one of the biggest symbols of luxury and wealth in the east where the costliest animal was sold in China for £1.14 million. Tibetan Mastiffs may look extremely cute and one would love cuddling them, but these dogs are extremely tough and make excellent guard dogs having the strength and courage to even take on a tiger.

Tibetan Mastiff

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5 Horse

Horse racing of course is the sport of kings as the say and a thoroughbred race horse like the Arabian breed would cost a fortune. The racehorse that made history was the most famous US racehorse ‘Green Monkey’ which was auctioned in 2006 for a whopping $16 million. Unfortunately, the horse failed to win a race and was retired after 4 years.

Most expensive Horse in the world

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