Maniacs torture puppy and drown him in glue till someone comes to the rescue

Why is it that people stereotype dogs as similes for an insult. The saying “like a dog” in a negative context is the worst example of misappropriation of the English language. A dog is a symbol of love and gratitude. There is nothing more appropriate than describing gratefulness by saying ‘as loyal as a dog’. For me DOG is GOD spelt backwards and before you freak out on that, stop and think who like God, loves you most unconditionally than your dog.


Sadly though there are barbaric human beings in this world who don’t think likewise. Such people with no heart whatsoever think nothing of being cruel to dogs. There is no evil enough to describe what happened to a little dog Pascal covered in glue by disgusting bullies who of course are the worst retards of nature.

1 Pascal cruelly tortured and left for dead

Pascal was a small little puppy who underwent the worst type of torture at the hands of bullies recently. The beautiful little dog was first tortured by his tormentors before they tried drowning him in glue. Although he survived the drowning, Pascal was covered in glue which hardened and made his skin as hard as a rock. He was covered in dirt too.


Ultimately the glue turned so thick, it was about to cut off his circulation. Pascal was on the verge of dying. Thankfully he was saved.

puppy who underwent the worst type of torture

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2 He’art to the rescue

Pascal was found by some good Samaritans of the He”art rescue. His rescuers appalled at the tragic sight, worked round the clock to cut off all his fur and remove the glue. Sadly though one of his ears turned necrotic because of the reduced blood flow.

Finally Pascal was free of the glue and cleaned thoroughly. Although the little fighter was saved and doing ok, his spirit is a bit broken say the rescuers. Obviously when a creature such as a dog loves human beings wholeheartedly, it can be a shocking revelation to suffer at the hands of the very same people you think of as your god. He’art rescue is doing some great work saving dogs like Pascal who covered in glue actually survived. Check out Pascal’s video taken by his rescuers who will now find him a loving home.


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