Know which dog breed suits you best according to your zodiac sign

9 Sagittarius


Sagittarians love exploring new places. They love to roam around and find new places to see and experience new things. For them, we have greyhounds, a breed that was trained for hunting in rough terrains and who also love exploring new places. They are calm in nature and are built strongly to bear the long walks everywhere with their masters.

greyhounds for sagittrius

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10 Capricorn

Capricorns are people who love ambitions and always stand with their loved ones. They can also be a bit stubborn when it comes to doing something they don’t like. Hence they can always count on boxers, a dog breed that is fierce, loyal, smart and very patient if it comes face to face with a baby.

boxers for Capricorn

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11 Aquarius

Aquarians take their time to warm up to people and can come across as cold and unemotional at first. But once they find you likable, you won’t find more caring and loyal friends than them. For them we have a breed known as whippets. These dogs are similar to Greyhounds in built, but are loving and caring towards people they come to know over a period of time.

They will be the most loyal, sweet and caring companions to the people who take time to know them and earn their trust.

whippets Aquarius

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12 Pisces

Pisceans are very sensitive and depend on their partners a lot. They also require the same amount of love and care that they give. For them the perfect dog breed is pug. These miniature dogs are extremely sensitive to things like weather and loud noises. But pug can be extremely doting on their masters and any one that earns their trust and finds them lovable.

But the thing to consider here is that these are just some suggestions. You can find any dog or any pet for that matter and fall in love with them, because all animals just require some love and care and they will give you their 100% in everything you want from them.

pug for pisces

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And also please try to adopt and rescue, instead of buying any pet from stores, adopting and rescuing will give another chance at life to any animal and they definitely deserve it.


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