Know which dog breed suits you best according to your zodiac sign

5 Leo


Leos are people with extreme pride and confidence, making them born leaders. Only a breed such as Rottweilers can do justice to them as their doggy companions. These dogs are mean, big and can lead a pack if needed and control the situation.

These dogs love if they are given a job and put in charge of something.

Rottweilers for leo

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6 Virgo

Virgo signed people are intellectual and solidarity loving types. They love solving puzzles and their inquisitive nature need a dog breed like Beagles or bloodhound, which know when to give some alone time to their masters and when to accompany them on quests.

These dogs love solving and sniffing out mysteries and Virgos will love these unclingy and crime solving detectives dogs.

Beagles or bloodhound for Virgo

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7 Libra

People of Libra sign love socializing and surrounding themselves with people. Their perfect dog match is English or Irish setters, who like Librans like to play than work. These dogs have loving personalities, but are stubborn if given straight orders to do work. But Librans and setter will bond over the mutual love of laziness and playing all the time.

Irish setters for libra

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8 Scorpio

Scorpions are known for their ability to single mindedly focus on things. They can obsess over a single thing for days and are known for being passionate and independent. Just like Jack Russel Terriers, the dog breed known for their stubbornness and possessiveness over their toys and stuff. They are also very smart and filled with energy, enough to distract the focused scorpions into delving into some play time.

Jack Russel Terriers scorpio

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