Know which dog breed suits you best according to your zodiac sign


Astrology and zodiac signs are something many people believe. It gives an insight into a person’s behavior and personality. It sometimes plays an important role in finding more about your loved ones even.

Along with personality, zodiac signs may also offer a lot of thing to you. If you are someone who believes strongly in astrology and zodiac signs, you must be in the habit of reading your horoscopes in order to find out what the day holds for you. You may also choose things that go with your zodiac sign and suit your personality.

You can use the guidance of zodiac signs in order to choose your next pet dog as well, as we have found the perfect dog breed according to every zodiac sign. Read up yours before choosing a dog.


1 Aries

People of Aries sign are known for their optimism and enthusiasm in doing things. They like to do stuff with lots of energy. But they are also impatient and impulsive when it comes to taking decisions and the best dog breed that suits them are schnauzers.

These little dogs are well known for their playfulness, energy and for being good mannered. But they can be a bit stubborn if made to things that they don’t like, a streak found in Aries.

schnauzers for Aries

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2 Taurus

Taurus can be a bit lazy if the outcome is not motivational enough. They are intelligent and mild mannered in their behavior. The dog breed that suits them the best are Saint Bernard’s.


These giants of dogs are dependable, easy going, extremely patient, but also lazy, just like Taurus. These dogs tend to be big couch potatoes and hate doing lots of work, but will be there for you when you need them and will guard you with their life.

Saint Bernard’s for taurus

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3 Gemini

Gemini signed people are highly outgoing and crave attention at every moment of their lives. They constantly move forward and seek variety in life. Their doggy soulmates are golden or Labrador retrievers.

Both kinds of retrievers are known for their high intelligence and entertaining behavior. They are also the dogs that hate boredom and are constantly looking for things to do, things to tear and entertain their masters.

Labrador retrievers for Gemini

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4 Cancer

Crabs or people of Cancer sign need mutts that are sensitive and loyal, like their zodiac sign properties. Only two dog breeds fit that category and those are Chihuahua or Pomeranians.


We pick Pomeranians because they look more cute then Chihuahuas. Poms are bred as lapdogs, making them perfect for Cancer sign people as they like to keep their loved ones closer to themselves. Though the dogs need lots of pampering and love, they are a perfect match for people of cancer sign.

Pomeranians for cancer

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