Keeping these 8 unusual pets in your home can be the tricky part. But you will love all of them for sure.


If you like animals you will love all of them. But keeping them in your home can be the tricky part. Having a cat or a dog is not easy, but at least humanity has them for so long and we all practically know how to take care of them. But what if you are into keeping an unusual pet like a fox or a raccoon? People would tell you that it is not the best idea because they are wild animals who want to be free and not to depend on your will to feed them or take them out for a walk. Well, there are certain people who would definitely pick unusual pet just because they want to stand out. Have you considered keeping something other than a cat or a dog? Maybe this list would help you make up your mind to keep Unusual Pets.

#1. Fennec fox

Foxes are not good pets, don’t even think to get one just for fun, because, well, it won’t be. But the fennec foxes are actually okay to have them as your furry little friends. They are desert animal with quite small size (even smaller than cats) and are very smart. Owners of Fennec fox actually can teach them how to use a litter box. The Fennec fox is playful, requires a lot of exercise, and is safe to have it as a home pet. When fully grown, your Fennec fox will be about the weight and size of a Chihuahua. The only big thing on them is their ears, but they make them look adorable even more. You already want one, admit it!

Fennec fox

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  1. Dahlstrom AnnaKarin says:

    Some of these animals are protected species and definatly NOT suitable as pets.