16 Incredible Facts About The Animal Kingdom To Impress Your Friends With

We are constantly discovering new things about the human body and race. We are also discovering new things about our solar system and the galaxy above. The same way we’re discovering new things about the wildlife on our planet.


There are so many fascinating things about the animal kingdom that we didn’t know before and so many fascinating things that we were not taught about in school. Thanks to the Internet and scientists and researchers who are constantly discovering new things, we get to learn about the animals that roam our planet.


We know that almost every mammal feeds its babies by secreting milk from the mammary glands. But there is one animal that does something weird and different. The female platypus doesn’t have nipples to feed babies. It secretes milk from special glands near the abdomen area. Platypus cubs suck on their mother’s fur.


Image Source: redd.it


Female armadillos have a unique ability. They can postpone the birth of their baby for up to two years! This is advantageous in situations where the mother feels tremendous stress or needs to find a home and isn’t ready to have the baby. They are only ready when they find a place they know is safe for a child.


Image Source: demandstudios.com

3Barn Owl

This might have escaped your attention but did you know that Barn Owls don’t have ears located at the same level? The left ear is located at forehead level while the right ear is located at the level of the nostrils. This ensures that the owls hear sounds from different angles.

Barn Owl

Image Source: www.audubon.org


Did you know that elephants can’t jump? Due to their body and their structure, they can’t jump. But that’s not the oddest thing about them. Elephants can actually use their feet to hear sounds! They can analyze the source of the noise and how loud it is just by feeling the strength of the vibrations.


Image Source: nrdc.org


This might be weird and gross but it actually makes sense. Baby koalas actually eat their parents’ excrement so that their stomach and digestion system can learn early to digest the poisonous eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus is actually poisonous in high amounts and this is the staple food of koalas.


Image Source: bbci.co.uk


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