20 Humanlike Dogs Whose Looks and Behavior Cracked Us Up

16Dirty Harry

This golden retriever seems to be a grumpy guy and resembles Clint Eastwood the action star of the seventies and eighties famous for his roles as Outlaw Josey Wales and the big bad cop in Dirty Harry.

Dirty Harry

Image Source: cherrymonk.net

17Shelly Duvall lookalike

This owner posted “My dog looks like Shelly Duvall” well, the pose is correct and the eyes have it right there. She does look like Shelly Duvall the iconic actress famous for her role in The Shinning.

Shelly Duvall lookalike

Image Source: 24sata.hr

18This girl has beautiful hair

Oh!! Wait it isn’t a girl, it’s a dog. Now you know what we mean when we say dogs resemble their owners? This little cutey can be mistaken for a human from behind any day. She too has lovely hair.

This girl has beautiful hair

Image Source: brightside.me

19Dog or human

What would you say to this guy? Is it a dog or a human? The way he sits it could well be mistaken for a human in a dog’s suit. He is a lovely big guy though and a handsome dog.

Dog or human

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

20She thinks she is human

This redditor posted “my dog thinks she is human and is confused why she looks like a dog” well, that does looks cute. On the other hand, the dog could well be wondering iof she is really the only canine in the house.

She thinks she is human

Image Source: buzzfeed.com


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