20 Humanlike Dogs Whose Looks and Behavior Cracked Us Up

6Dogs love watching TV too

However, this here does not even look like a dog as he is in such a human like position engrossed in watching television. It looks like a human slouching awkwardly over a couch dressed in a dog suit.

Dogs love watching TV

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

7Al Capone

This little grumpy bulldog looks like Al Capone in the front seat of the car waiting for his henchmen to finish their heist. On the other hand, most bulldogs by default end up looking like Winston Churchill.

Al Capone

Image Source: hronika.info


This dog became quite a sensation when its owner Chantal took several photographs of him and posted it online. It is a small little shih-poo named Yogi. In fact, many have also said he resembles Ed Sheeran. Incidentally, a shih poo is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a poodle.

Human face dog

Image Source: indianexpress.com

9I won’t be back

Remember the movie Predator? Well, this big guy definitely bears some resemblance to the alien in the movie. What’s left is its owner who should have looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger to complete the match.

Dog resembles human face

Image Source: blazepress.com

10Side eyed Chloe

According to this redditor “My aunt’s dog looks like the side-eyeing Chloe.” Side eyed Chloe is a Photoshop meme of a little girl whose photo went viral when her parents posted her reaction to the announcement of a surprise trip to Disneyland.

Side eyed Chloe

Image Source: yandex.ru


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