Hulk! The world’s biggest Pitbull you will ever see!

Pit bull is one of the hardest breed of dog to take care of, but Marlon and Lisa Grennan thought differently, especially after owning the World’s Biggest Pitbull, named Hulk. Well, the name is surely perfect for him, though he is not the color green monster from Avengers, but he is rather the biggest pitbull that you’ll ever see in your life. The first time you will see Hulk, you will be surely afraid to even walk beside him, and you’ll never try to get close with him.

But, if you will familiarize yourself on his character, you will discover that he is actually caring and protective pitbull that has been part of the house. Actually, in one of the interviews, Mr. Grennan admitted that the dog can actually kill a person in a wrong situation anytime, but they have trusted him to even stay with their 3 year old kid. He shared that this is just about how you will care for the dog and how you can gain his trust.

1 He is Only 17 Months

Currently, Hulk already weights about 78kg, or 173.4 lb. His size is actually three times bigger than the average American pitbull and whether you believe it or not, he is only 17 months. Yes, and that totally means that there is a chance for him to grow bigger as time passes by. That is surely shocking and no one can guess how big he can be until the future comes, so maybe we can just watch out and look over him to know what will happen?

I totally wonder how the Grennan can keep up with the needs of this dog, after all, this could surely accommodate a bigger space in the house compared to their child!

He is Only 17 Months

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