15 Heartwarming Stories About The Loyalty of Dogs

11An extraordinary move

A few months back, a mini Schnauzer dog named Sissy left the house in which she lived with her masters and arrived at the hospital, where her owner Nancy was admitted. Nancy’s husband Dale couldn’t understand where their dog had gone, as he obviously didn’t know the dog has escaped. He was obviously worried about Sissy, but much later he got a call from the hospital’s security person who told him that the dog had travelled 20 blocks to visit her owner.

An extraordinary move

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12The dog at the hospital

In 2012, a young dog named Zander was also found at the hospital where his owner, John was admitted. In fact, John got a call on his mobile and a person told him that his dog was outside the hospital. Not just that, it was later revealed that Zander had hiked for 2 miles and actually crossed a reserve and a highway, to reach the hospital.

The dog at the hospital

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13The dog that saves lives

A homeless man in Brazil once had an epileptic seizure, and obviously did not have the resources to seek medical help. His dog saw an ambulance and chased it for miles so that it would stop and take on his owner. The dog kept up with the vehicle and showed no signs of slowing down, as he was desperate. Finally, the ambulance crew got to understand what happened and turned back and picked up the homeless man who was in need of medical attention. Even after the man was at the hospital, the dog would not leave his owner.

The dog that saves lives

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

14He searched for his owner

A Russian dog named Masha would come to the hospital everyday, and did not know that his owner had passed away two years ago. He believed his master was still at the hospital. Especially, since his owner was admitted there for more than a year. Since then, Masha had been spotted to the hospital everyday. Since then, a family had even tried to adopt the dog and took him home but she just found his way back to the hospital.

He searched for his owner

Image Source: siberiantimes.com

15The police dog

A police dog named Zanjeer was famous for his valour. The dog had detected more than 3,000 kgs of RDX, hundreds of hand grenades, detonators, and other ammunition. Zanjeer had saved thousands of lives, and when he finally passed, he was given a fitting farewell. He surrendered his live to cancer at the age of 8 and his bravery was commemorated by the police department.

The police dog

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