15 Heartwarming Stories About The Loyalty of Dogs

Dogs really are man’s best friends but it is not just a saying. There are countless stories of canines following their masters across the world or waiting for them to come back from wars and even mourning their passing. Dogs are much more worthy of your friendship and loyalty than your human friends because they will reciprocate your love and will stay with you always.


If you have ever seen films like Hachi or Marley & Me you know all about the special bond between a dog and its master. You might have never had a dog as a pet but you surely know how affectionate they are. So here are a few stories which will make you believe in the loyalty of dogs.

1They mourn just like us

Recently the picture of a dog went viral which showed the canine digging a shallow hole on a grave. The dog was reportedly burrowing a hole on the grave of his master as he knew he was buried there and wanted to be closer to him. Doctors have often talked about how the grieving process works for pets, especially dogs, who intensely mourn their late owners.

They mourn just like us

Image Source: littlethings.com

2The legend of Hachiko

Have you ever heard of Hachiko, the dog whose love for his master was so legendary that not only did he get a statue erected but also had a film made to honour his legacy. Hachiko would wait at the train station every day for 9 years after his master died just in hopes that he would come back. The film Hachi starring Richard Gere was based on Hachiko’s story.

The legend of Hachiko

Image Source: rebelcircus.com

3The dog who waited

A Dane named Burke followed his owner to the hospital after he had a drunk driving accident. Not only was Burke able to identify the hospital where his master was taken he actually waited out in the emergency unit for a few days. And as luck would have it Burke was indeed reunited with his owner as he got better in a few days.

The dog who waited

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

4Dogs save lives

Perhaps the most significant story you will hear today. This dog’s owner was depressed and drunk, and possibly suicidal. He fell asleep on the train tracks. The dog could see that his master was in danger and made a whole lot of effort to save his life. He didn’t just bark but also pushed and tried to move his owner. The train driver saw them on the tracks and pushed the emergency break. But it was too late. The train got up to his paws, and though the man lived, the dog did not survive.

Dogs save lives

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

5What was Miguel’s story?

A man named Miguel Guzmán passed away in 2006 in Argentina, and his beloved pet dog who was named Captain, was so sad that he left home in despair. Miguel’s family searched for Captain around town, and finally found him at Miguel’s grave. Captain was in fact, last seen at the grave around three years ago.

What was Miguel’s story

Image Source: huffpost.com


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