Foods that could kill your pets!


We all love to give our little furry friends little nibbles from the family table but you might want to pay extra attention to what we give them as some foods can actually be detrimental to their health and sometimes even fatal. It is always suggested that we only give our pet’s pet food and following a diet that is outlined by your little friend’s veterinarian. While giving your pet any human food isn’t recommended here are some of the top ten that can do irreversible damage and can be fatal. Check out the top ten list of foods to avoid for your pet.

1 Avocados

These delicious fruits can be instant poison to our family pets. The fruit contains a toxic chemical known as persin. This chemical can significantly damage the heart and lung, in many animals. The fruit is especially dangerous for cats, dogs and most animals.


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2 Beer

While too much beer is no good for even humans this beverage should never be given to our little furry friends. Due to their small bodies the alcohol consumed can have a significantly negative affect. Even a little sip can damage your pet’s brain and liver and cause vomiting and other health issues that can be irreparable.


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3 Nuts

Another big no no nuts can create many serious health issues for your animals which often can include death. In particular walnuts and macadamia nuts are extremely toxic and act as a poison once digested by your small creatures. Some of the symptoms range from vomiting to becoming paralyzed to even death. Normally within 12 hours of consumption some symptoms you might observe can be the inability for your pet to stand, walk vomiting or even hypothermia to name a few. If you observe any of these symptoms it is advised you get your pet to the veterinarian right away.


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4 Chocolate

Chocolate can be very detrimental to your pets health especially if eaten in large quantities. It contains the obromine which can contribute to your cat or dogs heart beating quite rapidly or even irregularly. If you compound this with any activity such as exercising this can contribute to the pet’s death.


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5 Candy

Candy products or anything that has xylitol a sweetener that is found in most diet products can impact your pet’s blood sugar levels by causing them to drop sharply. The animal will suffer a loss of coordination and seizures. It is strongly suggested that if your pet digested candy you get them to a veterinarian right away. If they are left untreated by a qualified medical professional they can die from these symptoms.


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6 Caffeine

Caffeine can increase an animal’s central nervous cardiac systems. Some of the symptoms from consuming caffeine products include hyper activity, heart palpitations and even death.


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7 Grapes and Raisins

Both grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. In addition to this it doesn’t take much to kill a dog when they consume raisins. In fact just one single serving is enough to kill your dog. Even if a dog eats one or two raisins a day these have an overtime effect. Eventually the toxins build to a level that can kill your animal.

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8 Onions

Onions can destroy an animals red blood cells and lead to such health issues such as anemia, weakness and difficulty breathing. Even small servings of onions can build enough toxins to do significant damage over time.


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9 Medicine

It is never recommended to give medicine to your pet. While aspirin may help we humans with toothaches and headaches as well as some other ailments giving these to our furry friends when they’re in pain can produce the exact opposite results. Some of these include gastric ulcers, kidney failure and even death.


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10 Cooked Bones

While many pet owners may be tempted to give Fido a cooked bone after that long feast with the family it really isn’t recommended. The bones can splinter in your dog’s digestive track and cause death.

Cooked Bones

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