12 Facts Which Prove Dogs Are Much More Than pets

10Cancer detection dogs

Cancer detection dogs

Image Source: www.bioneers.org

Research suggests that dogs can actually smell potential tumours or cancers, before the symptoms arrive. Usually through urine samples, but these species are obviously a huge scientific breakthrough.

Cancer detection dogs1

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


11Cadaver detection dogs

Cadaver detection dogs

Image Source: nationalgeographic.com

These dogs can smell human remains, even through water or a closed space. These dogs are extremely useful in crime scenes, potential crime scenes and in rescue. Usually after an earthquake or landslide, these dogs are led to the area of devastation from where they can sniff out corpses.

Cadaver detection dogs1

Image Source: wd4c.org

12Herding dogs

Herding dogs usually work in animal husbandry, as they help their masters to keep their farm animals and livestock. They also double up as watchdogs and trainers, as they not only keep an eye on the animals but train them in responsiveness.

Herding dogs

Image Source: dogsaholic.com

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