12 Facts Which Prove Dogs Are Much More Than pets

7Hearing dogs

Hearing dogs

Image Source: www.hearingdogs.org.uk

As the name suggests, hearing dogs are used by deaf people to understand communicate better. As dogs have a heightened sense of listening, they are marvellous guides to those who have impaired listening. They not only keep trespassers or danger at bay, but also understand what their master wants but can’t express. Since, most deaf people are also mute, these dogs are obviously of fantastic assistance. Sometimes, they even teach their owners how to process signs or reactions, and often prompts them to do their daily chores.

8Water rescue dogs

Water rescue dogs

Image Source: caninesrule.com

Newfoundlands are a very curious breed of canines, they don’t just love water but can also navigate it. This species is trained to be of rescue assistance in the water. In case of drowning, or in case somebody is in danger at sea or a river, these dogs will swim to the person and rescue them. Since, these dogs are usually large and service dogs are healthier than other dogs, they can actually pull up a human overboard a ship or a vessel.

Water rescue dogs1

Image Source: www.flickr.com

9Diabetic assistance dogs

Diabetic assistance dogs

Image Source: diabeticdogvirginia.com

A patient suffering from severe diabetes, needs help with some physiological issues. They might experience dizziness, fever, nausea, and they might even lose consciousness at times. They are usually prescribed the companionship of an assistance dogs, who are especially trained to respond to such medical emergencies, and can even sense when it is about to occur.

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