12 Facts Which Prove Dogs Are Much More Than pets

4Mobility service dogs

Mobility service dogs

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Usually when a service dog is trained to help out a handicapped person, they are called mobility assistance dogs, or mobile assistants. They are different and better trained than guide dogs, as they need to cater to the most helpless of people to get around and live their lives. They assist their masters in walking, running, picking up stuff, or even drive. Some mobility dogs even help their master with their walkers, wheelchairs or with their childrens’ prams.

5Therapy dogs

Therapy dogs

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Dogs have been scientifically proven to be the liveliest of creatures and also the smartest. Therapy dogs are a magnificent gift to people who suffer from depression, dementia or even regular anxiety. Sometimes, mental experts and doctors prescribe their patients to spend more and more time with therapy dogs. These dogs are trained to be around people and improve their mental health. Some rehab centres use therapy dogs as a means of recovery and they have been medically proven to be the most affectionate companions.

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6Mental aides

Mental aides

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There are dogs which are trained to help and stay with the people with a mental disbalance, and they are referred to as mental aides, just aides or mental health assistants.  They cater to people who suffer from autism, depression, amnesia or other disorders. These dogs can calm the patients down, can help them communicate with others, take care of their needs and are often acutely perceptive about what their owners want. Retrievers, pugs and poodles are mostly used for these purposes.

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