12 Facts Which Prove Dogs Are Much More Than pets


We’ve come to see dogs in many roles. Dogs are not just man’s best friend in spirit, but in a very real way. From guiding the helpless, to detecting criminal activity to aiding in mental health, dogs can do it all. Did you know that dogs are the most useful animal in the society, and in some sectors, they are indispensable. They are not just best pets but also the most intelligent domestic animal. Here’s looking at what dogs do for us and the society.

1Military dogs

Dogs of War: Friends and Saviors of Marines in Afghanistan

Image Source: foreignpolicy.com

Did you know dogs have been helping the military for decades now? They not only serve the armies, but help in training, checking grounds, detecting a sensitive narcotics field. Dogs have been working with the military since World War 1, and have proved their mettle as fighters. Dogs are usually used for detection of enemy cantonments, and smelling danger. They are also used to train soldiers. And of course, they also help in dangerous rescue missions, and save lives.

Military dogs1

Image Source: dogsaholic.com

2Guide dogs for the blind

Guide dogs for the blind

Image Source: www.pets4homes.co.uk

Guide dogs are one of the wisest and the most compassionate of animals. They don’t just help visually impaired people to get around but aide them in doing chores, and make their lives easier. Guide dogs are obviously trained specifically to understand and respond to people who can’t see. They make sure their master is always careful where he/she is going, or what they are eating or picking up. Guide dogs are trained to be very patient, as a result of which you will never see a guide dog get aggravated or annoyed at its master. They only follow a certain chain of commands and always put the safety of their master first.

Guide dogs for the blind1

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org


3Sniffer dog

National Tackling Drugs Week

Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

As sniffer dog or a bomb detection dog performs the most dangerous tasks. A detection dog are trained to use their senses for detecting bombs, other explosives and narcotics. Usually the Belgian Malinois are used as detection dogs. They are trained by the police and are also groomed by them. Very few people realize that these dogs put their lives at risk almost everyday, and are heroes.

Sniffer dog1

Image Source: bigthink.com


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