10 Amazing facts about the Megalodon Shark, the largest predator on the planet

7 Even The Pen*s Of A Megalodon Was Bigger Than The Great White Shark

California University shark expert, Peter Klimey stated that the pen*s of a Megalodon was about the same size of a great white. Researchers have concluded that the size of the Megaldon was enormous reaching up to a length of 82 feet. However, experts felt that the assumed length of a normal Megalodon would be to the tune of 52 feet.

Megalodon Was Bigger Than The Great White Shark

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8 Why Is The Megalodon Extinct?

Three theories are attributed to the extinction of the Megalodon. One possibility could be the closure of the grand Central American seaway influenced by the Pliocene which then laid foundations for an ice age that cooled down ocean temperatures. Megalodons thrived in warmer water and thus could not adapt to the cold waters.


Another reason suggested by researchers was the absence of the usual diet of the Megalodon, consisting of prehistoric sea creatures which became extinct. This factor was also impacted by the Central American seaway. This caused the increase in blue whales that started thriving and moved towards Polar Regions. The third but least common theory was the possibility that the Megalodon was driven to extinction by packs of killer whales

The Megalodon Extinct

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9 Megalodon Fossils Have Been Discovered Worldwide

The amazing Megalodon shark roamed the world or so it seemed, as suggested by the findings of Megalodon fossils all around the world. Megalodons were cosmopolitan animals and went wherever there was an abundance of prey. Megalodon teeth have been uncovered in countries like Jamaica, Australia, Japan, Malta, India, Europe, Africa and both the Americas.

Megalodon Fossils Have Been Discovered

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10 A Megalodon Bite Was Powerful Enough To Crush A Modern Day Car

Scientists have estimated the bite of a full grown Megalodon to be so powerful that it could crush a small car. This deduction was achieved by computer simulation, where statistics such as bite size, teeth structure and size of teeth were entered. Simulated factors of pressure of bite in relation to physiology found that it could easily crush a car.

A Megalodon’s bite could exert a pressure of 1,800 kg where an adult Megalodon’s could bite down on a prey with force upto 18,100 kg.

Megalodon Bite Was Powerful

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