10 Amazing facts about the Megalodon Shark, the largest predator on the planet

If you thought the Great white shark was a monster, you have never met the Megalodon. Well you never even will because these gigantic monster sharks existed in prehistoric times during the Pliocene period. Known as the mega tooth, Megalodon sharks became extinct centuries ago but till date they fascinate scientists owing to the sheer weight of their size and weight. Here are 10 facts about the amazing Megaldodon sharks.


1 The world’s most powerful predator in prehistoric history

The Megalodon was a strategic hunter who displayed higher intelligience than the present day great white shark. Its favorite prey were the 30 feet Baleen whales and they crushed the bones and attacked the vital organs rendering the whales helpless. Research also showed how they attacked the flippers, first immobilizing the whales.

The Megalodon

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2 Megalodon Teeth Fossils Were Mistaken For Dragons Tongues

At one point of time, researchers mistook Megalodon’s teeth for dragon’s tongues. During the Renaissance, huge Megalodon’s teeth were discovered in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. People immediately thought them to be tongues of ancient dragons. Only in 1667, a Danish environmentalist and naturalist named, Nicolaus Steno identified them as shark teeth.

Megalodon Teeth Fossils

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3 The Oldest Megalodon Fossil Today Is A Staggering 28 Million Years Old

Scientists believe that the Megalodon originated during the Mid-Miocene period, 16 million years ago. The species succumbed to extinction around 2.6 million years ago. The Megalodon was named by Louis Agassiz, a Swiss naturalist in 1835. The term Megalodon means mega tooth.

Oldest Megalodon Fossil

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