12 Cute and awesome facts about dogs in the world

Humans domesticated dogs around 15,000 years ago and since then they have earned the tag of man’s best friend. They have been bred for different activities like hunting, herding, collecting game after hunts, guarding live stock and homes. They have had tough competition from cats in cuteness department and while cats provide hours and hours of free entertainment with their antics, but dogs earn their points with their loyalty, you can see some more great dog related posts at pupsterpassion.com if you’re interested. But anyway here are 12 awesome facts about our best friends.


1 Poodles

Poodles are known for their hair styles and look more like fashion style of doggie world, but their hairs were clipped originally so that they could swim easily. They were actually used to retrieve game from ponds and water bodies and clipping their hair made it easy for them to be buoyant.


Image Source: www.yourpurebredpuppy.com

2 Shih Tzus

ShihTzus may now be more of an ornamental dog breeds, but they are amongst the first 12 ancient dog breeds, which make them the closest relative to wolves. They however couldn’t hunt, can’t guard nor can’t they protect farm animals; they can only be your companion, I’ve heard many people love their Shih Tzus and they want to make sure they are comfy when travelling with them, I’ve heard some of them check out some of the dog carrier options for Shih Tzus because they provide some useful insight into what is on the market for Shih Tzus.

Shih Tzus

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3 Power of smell

Dogs are known for their powerful sense of smell and are even known to smell out cancer in patients. Humans can smell a spoonful of sugar in a cup of water, dogs on the other hand can smell that same amount of sugar in two Olympic sized pool’s amount of water.


Power of smell

Image Source: www-tc.pbs.org


4 Why they are man’s best friend?

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but we have the reason behind this. Researchers found out that they are extremely confident exploring the outside world along with their owners and can do amazing things if they have their owners with them.

Dogs are man’s best friend

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5 Some great factoids about dogs and their structure

Dogs are made to run. Their shoulder blades are not connected to their skeletons and are only attached by tendons and muscles. This allows them great flexibility during running and turning in the fields. They also sweat mainly from their paws as their sweat glands are located in foot pads. They also have a third eye membrane which keeps their eyes moist all the time.

Some great factoids about dogs

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6 Dog eyesight

It is a myth that dogs only see in grey. They do have just two cones in their eyes as compared to three cones in human eyes, but they are able to see UV rays. They can also see color, sometimes better than humans. With the advent of HD televisions, scientists have found that dogs are watching more TV than before as they can see this HD resolution clearly.

Dog eyesight

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7 Dogs can detect sadness in humans

Dogs can detect when their humans are sad. If they do, they tend to do things in order to cheer their masters and simply stay with them in order to give them company. They do things which make them happy in order to make their humans happy. Man’s best friend for a reason.

Dogs can detect sadness in humans

Image Source: www.medicalnewstoday.com

8 Why the dogs curl up?

You must have seen dogs make rounds and curl up and then sleep. They do so in order to conserve heat as curling up into a ball, they don’t lose much heat. It also protects them from predators when they used to sleep like that in the wild.

Why the dogs curl up

Image Source: www.barkpost.com

9 Dogs don’t feel guilt

Dogs feel jealousy, but they surely don’t feel guilty, despite numerous videos you see on the internet. They make that face and puppy eyes just because they look confused on being scolded for doing something that they are not allowed to, like eating cookies or treats when asked not to.

Dogs don’t feel guilt

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10 Dog urine can corrode metal

If your dog happens to pee on metal poles or fire hydrants during walks, this habit is not exactly good for the poles or hydrants as their pee can corrode metal. Both Derbyshire in England and Croatia banned dogs from peeing on lamp posts after they found that dog pee was harming the metal of the lamp posts.

Dog urine can corrode metal

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11 Dogs smell disease

Previously we talked about the smell sense of dogs, but you might not know that some breeds of dog can even smell diseases. A research in Germany found that dogs can smell range of organic compounds that signal that human body is not functioning as it should be. Dogs can also detect cancer, diabetes and even seizures in humans.

Dogs smell disease

Image Source: www.mamashealth.com

12 Dogs are actually smart

Most of times we brush aside our canine friends as dumb or daft, but they are actually very smart. Some studies have found that dogs are as smart as a2-3 year old toddler. Border Collies are the smartest of all canines and can understand upto 200 words and commands. Other top four smartest dog breeds are Poodles, German Shephards, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans.

Dogs are actually smart

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