Endangered White Lions Rescued From Circus Give Birth to Two Cubs and the Photographs Are Adorable

5White lions are highly endangered

According to National Geographic, There are four categories of endangered species, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered and extinct in the wild. White Lions may be native to South Africa but records in 2018 sadly pegged them at only 11 in the wild. Whitelions.org another NGO for lions said it was not clear till now how many live in captivity but the approximate number is around fewer than 300 around the world.


Image Source: bbci.co.uk

6They get their white color from a genetic mutation

According to the experts, a white lion is usually created by a genetic mutation much like how a Caucasian ends up having blue eyes. White lions aren’t literally white but a very light brown, however when you see Nala and Simba they seem pure white and simply adorable.


Image Source: ytimg.com

7They are scheduled to be going their separate ways

What’s unfortunate about this whole story is that Simba and Nala will never grow up together. They are now staying and are being fostered at the sanctuary but will soon be moved to separate locations. Simba will join an animal shelter in France while Nala is expected to be shipped to a park in England.


Image Source: apost.com

8Their parents would never had met had it not been for the sanctuary

It was reported that the parents of the two cubs would never have been able to meet had it not been for the intervention of Brigitte and the sanctuary. They had to pay almost 5000 Euros to the owners who were about to sell them again to a circus.


Image Source: media.necn.com


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