Endangered White Lions Rescued From Circus Give Birth to Two Cubs and the Photographs Are Adorable

The white lion is an extremely endangered species that is also listed by the IUCN or intentional union for conservation of nature as vulnerable. There are only 11 in the wild and some 300 odd in captivity. In a big pleasant boost for the species, two white lion cubs named Simba and Nala were born in a sanctuary in France to parents who were also rescued from circuses and who also met at the sanctuary too. The cubs are now a viral trending topic online because they are simply adorable.


1White lion cubs born to white lions in a sanctuary

The Caresse de Tiger sanctuary is located in the town of La Mailleraye-Sur-Seine in France. It is spread over 300 hectares of forested land and is run by Klimond Brigitte and her family who rescue wild animals from circuses. Two endangered white lions had been rescued and kept in the sanctuary which received a beautiful gift in the form of the white lion babies born in July this year.

Image Source: media.com


2Simba and Nala are adorable

Simba and Nala are named after their Disney counterparts being the characters of the blockbuster movie The Lion King. As you can see they are infinitely cute and adorable and are extremely playful with the family who saved their parents lives.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk


3Their parents were circus performers

The parents of Simba and Nala met at the sanctuary Caresse De Tigre in France. The lions were circus performers who were born in captivity and rescued by the sanctuary. The cats who perform in circuses are often mistreated. Fortunately for the parents of Simba and Nala, they have found a good home.

Image Source: wikipedia.org


4They live with the owners of the sanctuary

The two endangered white lion cubs weight six pounds each and now live with Klimond Brigitte and her family who shared the adorable pictures and videos on their Facebook page. Some of the videos show the cute cubs getting along with the pet dogs of the family and even playing with them. After all, babies will be babies.

Image Source: www.standard.co.uk


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