9 Brilliant and effective tricks every pet owner must know

Having a pet is a big responsibility for any human and if that pet is a dog, it means double responsibility; as dogs are completely dependent on their owners for most of the important things like food, water and exercise. Here are 9 hacks that you as a dog owner should know when you have a canine as a pet.


1 Use a sweatshirt to make a cozy bed for your pooch

Even pooches require comfortable beds. Most of the dogs prefer sleeping on carpets or on a rug, some even on the floor at their favorite place. But some dog owners prefer to pamper their pets and buy expensive beds that are comfortable and cozy for their dogs. If you want to do something like that for your dog, you can make a bed using an old sweatshirt, an old cushion and some handy needlework as seen in the picture.

sweatshirt to make a cozy bed

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2 Even mutts like surprises

Humans like surprises. Leave alone humans, even canines like surprises and the best way to surprise your pet is to use its favorite toy. If the dog likes to play with tennis balls, you can cut a hole in one of the balls and fill it with treats for your pet. Next time the dog picks up the ball, it would get a surprise in the form of treats.

play with tennis balls

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3 Limit your dog’s food intake

If you don’t take care of your dog properly and they overeat, even they can become obese. They need proper exercise and regular long walks. Also, you have to watch when and how much they eat. If you want to limit the amount of food and the speed at which they eat their food, put a ball in their food bowl. This will slow them down and keep them from throwing up. You might also want to have a look at your dog’s diet, as a variety in their diet could be good for them, you might want to try something like ivory coat, however, there are also other brands out there for you to right.

Limit your dog’s food intake

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4 This way it is easier to trim their nails

Yes, even the pooches require manicures every now and then. If their nails grow too much, they can injure themselves while scratching and they can also injure you while you are playing with them. Cutting their nails is a task that is tough, because they don’t want anyone going near their paws. To accomplish this task easily, take a spoonful of peanut butter and distract them with the deliciousness of it, while someone quickly snips the nails.

trim your pet's nails

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5 Take care of those jellybean pads under their feet

Even though dogs can walk on pretty much any surface, you need to take care of the padding underneath their paws. The padding gives them grip and keeps their paws safe from thorns and other stuff. So the next time you go out for a walk, before doing so, take some Vaseline and rub it on their padding and then after coming from the walk, wash off their feet.

jellybean pads for pets

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6 Easy removal of dog hair

Dogs love to go on rides in the car and as it is with animals, they shed a lot of hair. If you have upholstered the car seats, they are bound to attract the dog’s fur and hair. The best thing for removing the hair is a squeegee. And if you don’t have a squeegee, put on some rubber gloves and start plucking the hair out of seats or put a towel or a sheet down before the dog gets inside the car.

Easy removal of dog hair

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7 Multiple uses of dog collar

Your dog’s collar can be used for many things apart from attaching the leash to it. Since you’ve just bought a new red leather dog collar, you may as well put it to good use. You can use it to attach your house keys, etc, to the collar so that you don’t lose them while you are out for a run/walk with your dog. Just be sure to hold onto the leash because if the dog runs off, your keys will also be gone.

Multiple uses of dog collar

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8 Prevent your door from scratches

Some dogs are trained to go outside in order to relieve themselves or just because they want to. You may have an Electronic Dog Door so they can get back in but some dogs decide the best way for them to get your attention is by scratching the door and this may damage your door. You can minimize the damage by putting clear contact paper on the door, specifically on the parts where the dog scratches the most.

Prevent your door from scratches

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9 This is how you store kibble

Dog food is something that goes bad very soon after the packet is opened. So you have to make sure that the packet in sealed properly after every meal. You should take out some amount of kibble from the huge bag and store it in a plastic, airtight container from which you can pour out the required quantity, without having to open the whole bag again and again.

Dog food

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