8 Easy Dog Tricks You Could Start Teaching Them Today


Take a yummy treat between your thumb and the pointer and make your dog smell it. Now make the dog stand right in front of you and slowly lower the treat near its nose and lure them in small lazy circles. Once a complete spin is achieved praise the dog and give him the treat. Now make him do the spin 2 or 3 times successively. This is the time to say “spin” in a happy tone of voice. Repeat now with the command and when your dog finally gets the hang of it give him encouragement and the reward of the tasty doggie treat. But do not reward him when he is spinning around chasing his tail like a maniac.


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7Army crawl

Although many puppies instinctively do this trick when they have to sneak or steal a treat under your noses, this time their stealth mode must be harnessed and trained under supervision. Place his favourite treat in one hand and ask your dog to lie down on the floor. Bring the fist full of a smelly treat right up to his nose. Stay at the same level with the dog or lie down on the floor facing him and slowly remove the treats away from him. This will make your dog crawl a bit closer to get his treat instinctively without getting up. If he stands up stop immediately and start over again. Make him lie down again and repeat the process.


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The next step

Once your dog starts crawling forward, praise him constantly and give a piece of treat. Then from that point on make him smell the remaining treats and have him crawl further up to get more. Keep luring them forward and praise them in the process. And in no time your dog would be creeping and crawling with grace and agility which will make a marine run for his money.


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8Jump through a hoop

To make it look effortless you need a couple of practice sessions and then you’ll be good enough to give shows. Hold your hoop pretty sturdy on the ground and initially make your dog walk right through it by luring a treat on the other side of the hoop always. Once the dog knows the drill start lifting the hoop gradually and repeat the process till the time dog needs to jump or hop over the loop to get to the other side.


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Make them focus on the hoop

Now remove the treat from the hands so that the dog solely focuses on jumping the hoop and when he does it successfully couple of times give him his reward and a lot of pats and belly rubs. This will teach them to follow your hand gestures instead of being ruled by the lure of treats.


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