8 Easy Dog Tricks You Could Start Teaching Them Today

4Shake paws

Perhaps the most common and easily trainable dog trick irrespective to any breed is a paw shake. This also makes it easier for you to have the paws in your hands for tick inspections or clipping nails as well. In order to let the dog be comfortable in leaving his paws in your hands for a longer time, you need to hide a treat or a small toy in your closed fist and place it close to your pups’ claws. At first, the dog will try to pry the treat through their snouts but then will give up and use their paws. When that happens say “shake” to make him associate that action with the word.


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Encourage his behavior

Give him the treat and lot of patting, belly rubbing to encourage that behaviour. Make sure never to say the word “shake” till your dog actually places his paws on your palms. Keep this practice session for 5 minutes for a week and then remove the treats and put your empty hand and ask him to “shake”. When he puts his paws on your hands praise the dogs and give him his reward.


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5Leg weave

This trick is a bit more physical for both the doggie as well the owner. Here’s how to do it. Tuck several treats in your right fist and make the dog stand on your left side. Now step out with your right leg and slowly bend it. Now tempt the dog with reaching out with the fistful of treats by pushing your right hand from the outside under the bent knee. Lure the dog without giving the treats yet to position himself under your right leg. Now do the same trick holding the treats in your left fist and leg. Repeat the trick while walking or running all across the room and soon your dog would be dextrously weaving his way through your legs when you finally give him the treat and praise him. It’s an active trick good for both of you.


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