8 Easy Dog Tricks You Could Start Teaching Them Today

A dog which can perform tricks is a delight not only to its owners but to the entire dog-loving world. The old adage that you cannot teach an old dog’new tricks is absolutely redundant and even if your pooch is not a puppy anymore but a full-grown hefty beast, they can still learn and delight you with new tricks. Besides this would also stimulate them mentally and physically and give them new goals to please you. If you’re wanting to find some more ways to keep them engaged mentally and physically, you could also look at something like these DogeToys dog toy reviews so you’re able to find a wide variety of toys that your pooch could love. Here you can also find 8 tricks you can teach your dog easily…


1 Nose bump

Hold a smelly dog treat under your thumb for this one and keep your fist open about an inch away from your dogs’ nose. Hold still till your dog actually bumps his nose under your palm. Immediately say “yes” for an affirmative sign and give the treat with the other hand. After repeating the process successfully, gradually remove the treat from your thumb and coax your dog for the bump without it. Now you’ll be getting fist bumps on your empty hands. Slowly over the days, you can raise your hands higher or further away so that your doggie has to step towards you or jump up for a nose bump and you’ll have an amazing dog trick ready to show off.

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Start with your dog in a sitting position. Once it makes any movements towards the floor say “yes” as an affirmative sign, then put a dog treat on the floor. Repeat the process till the dog understands that lowering the head to floor is going to get him rewarded in some way or the other. Push on a bit more and hold on the treat till your dog further lowers his head so that their chin touches the floor. After a ½ second say “yes” for affirmation and give a treat. Gradually increase the time gap between the chin touch and the affirmation and always give the treat closest to the floor.

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Again, dogs roll over all the time on their own will but when they do it under your command or stop rolling when you ask them to, they are impressive. Begin with bringing your dog in the down position with their hips rolled on to any side but not sticking high up in the air. To make them do that effortlessly put a dog treat on their right elbow and in the attempt to eat it they will slump to their sides.

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Reward them each time

Now take another treat to slowly lure their heads to follow their hip movement. Reward your dog each time its progressively tries to roll over as it’s a difficult trick. Be patient and encouraging and you‘ll have rolling furball at your disposal.

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