Dog Refuses To Leave Dying Elephant At A Sanctuary In Thailand

We all know that dogs are very sensitive to emotions and they just love to connect to the people around them. They understand emotions better than many humans and there is no doubt about it. That is also the main reason people love to have them as their pets. People also get very connected to their pets. Most of the times, their relations with the pets are very deep.

1Pancake has become an integral part of elephant sanctuary

Since the time a stray dog with the name Pancake was picked by Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) three years back, he has become an integral part of the sanctuary in Thailand. “She was a stray on the beach who was picked on by other dogs,” Katherine Connor, founder and CEO of Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES), told.

stray dog

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2Pancake was picked three years back

A lady supporter of the sanctuary found Pancake for the first time. When she found him, she asked Connor if she would take the dog. “Of course I said yes!” Connor said. “Pancake has been my shadow ever since.”

Pancake was picked three years back

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3There is cordial atmosphere at the elephant sanctuary

The atmosphere at the elephant sanctuary is such that the people and animals living there are very much cognizant about all the arrivals and departures which happen there. The sanctuary also more inclined towards taking the old elephants who are no longer able to work.

elephant sanctuary

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4When Sao Noi was expiring, Boon Thong was seen standing around her

Around two years back, when an elephant with the name Sao Noi was expiring, her friend with the name of Boon Thong was seen standing just around her. She continued to provide solace to the friend with the strokes of her trunk. She was also seen crying as tears were constantly coming out of her eyes.

Sao Noi

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