13 Creatures That Almost Look Unreal but Exist

9The Marine Iguana

The Marine Iguana is a one of a kind amphibian that is found native only to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. They possess the unique ability to dive to depths of 30 meters underwater where they can stay submerged for up to 1 hour. Marine Iguanas are the only type of lizard that spend so much time in the ocean mainly to forage on red and green algae. They are also excellent climbers and can climb rocks and walls too because of their sharp claws.


Image Source: diveindiaoutbound.com

10The Bearded Vulture

The bearded Vulture is unique in the sense that it only feeds on bone marrow. Once considered the Old World Vulture, this bird of prey is native only to Europe Africa and parts of Asia. What’s peculiar about the vulture is its obsession with bone marrow where they feed on 90% of bone marrow only. If they find bones too hard to break, they will carry it to heights of 100 meters and drop it against rocks to shatter it and then will glide down to inspect and see if they can get to the marrow.


Image Source: cloudfront.net


Mudskippers are amphibious fish that have evolved to live out of water as well as in it. They are often seen socializing, foraging for food and even defending their territory. Their most unique feature is their side fin located lower down on their body that resemble legs and which help them move around on land.


Image Source: pinimg.com

12Wrap Around Spider

The wrap-around spider is indigenous to Western Australia and is unique for its weird concave dish like shape that enables it to lie flat on a branch and wrap itself around it which is a type of camouflage for prevention against predators as well as to hunt prey. It was first found in 1886.


Image Source: www.brisbaneinsects.com

13The Dire Wolf Dog

The dire wolf dog is a species that has been developed over three decades of inbreeding as part of a dire wolf project started in 1988. Its sole aim was to bring back the look of the large prehistoric dire wolf in a domesticated dog breed. The project is governed by the National American Alsatian Breeder’s Club.


Image Source: washingtonpost.com


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