13 Creatures That Almost Look Unreal but Exist

5Basking Shark

These harmless creatures are so named because they love swimming in warm water close to the surface and found in temperate climates. Literally basking in the sun, this is what got them their name of a basking shark. They are filter feeders opening their mouths wide and allowing everything to get in which is again filtered out later.


Image Source: immediate.co.uk

6Jewel Caterpillar

The Jeweled caterpillar is a truly unique species found in the Central and Southern American mangrove forests. It is characterized by its almost transparent body with red spikes and often resembles crystals or jewels. It is one of the planet’s most stunning creatures where the crystal glass-like body is actually a sticky gel-like substance that serves as protection against predators. The jeweled caterpillar is known by its scientific name of Daceridae and belongs to the Zygarnoid moth family.


Image Source: ytimg.com

7Pesquets Parrot

On first glance this doesn’t even look like a parrot but a bird of prey instead. Also known as the Vulturine parrot, it is a one of a kind bird having no other member in its genus of species. It can be found only in the rainforests of New Guinea and in spite of its threatening looks is a complete fruit eater.


Image Source: twimg.com

8The Mandarin Duck

By far one of the prettiest of birds, the Mandarin duck is usually found in these regions of East Asia. It is sometimes found in North America where it is known as the Wood Duck and is known for its colourful features that makes it stand out from the rest of duck species on the planet. The male Mandarin is more colourful than the female which features the red bill, a red face, a largely white color above its eye, and a purple breast. Mandarin Dicks are regarded by Asian cultures namely the Chinese and Koreans as a symbol of love and fidelity.


Image Source: 10daily.com.au


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