A cat’s logic is one of the most hilarious things you’ll ever see

11A good boy

In the first picture, the owner creates a heptagon with simple tape. The cat comes towards it and proceeds to sit inside it such that its body is completely inside the shape. Cats love to fit themselves into boxes or shapes and this one is no exception. They like to engage in activities that show how smart they are. If your cat is being difficult, just do this, and it is sure to be intrigued by it!

Image Source: thisbugslifedot.com

12 “Rise and shine, human”

This is definitely something that all pet owners have encountered at some time. Dogs and cats love to cuddle and this cat is no exception. To wake up its owner, it chooses the foolproof method of sitting on his face. After all, how long can you ignore a fluffy cat bottom on your face? The best part about this picture is undoubtedly the expression on the man’s face.

Image Source: brightside.me/

13 “Soft kitty, warm kitty, a little slice of pizza”

As all the previous pictures have proved, cat logic is beyond humans. In this picture, the cat is sitting on a slice of pizza. The slice is warm and soft and smells delicious, so the cat does not hesitate to claim it as its own. Though the owners are sure to be annoyed at the loss of a delicious slice of pizza, this hilarious picture is sure to give them a few laughs.

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com

14 “This looks like a great spread”

Cats provide constant entertainment to their owners. In this picture, this cat is eating dinner, but is completely spread out on the floor, for no reason! Maybe it is very sleepy so it’s having dinner lying down. Cats are super flexible and they like to do weird things with their fluffy bodies. Surely the people who clicked the picture, had a great laugh, just like everyone else who sees this picture.

Image Source: viettimes.vn

15“Look what the cat dragged in”

When cats go out foraging, they come back with interesting finds. Some cats bring back mice or birds. The cat in this picture seems to be attracted to sponges! The cat is proudly showing the owners the sponge it found. The owners seem to be surprised by this weird find.

Image Source: www.cutesypooh.com

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