A cat’s logic is one of the most hilarious things you’ll ever see

Cats as a pet are known to spend most of their time, sleeping, eating, playing with their toys, etc. They are not known to be as good as having a dog as a pet. Matter of fact they have a worse reputation than dogs as pets. We’re not saying to not keep these furballs as pets, we’re just saying be prepared to see some weird, weird things.


For today’s post, we’ve gathered the best and most confusing images that only a cat can understand. What is it like living with a cat or having one as a pet? Well, you’ll find out today.

1Acrobat or Acrobat?

This cat seems to be in its own world but its flexibility is commendable. Using the faucet and the side of the tub, the cat has done a 180-degree turn. It almost looks like it is doing a pose from some yoga exercise as it seems to be peaceful and happy with its achievement.

Image Source: www.cuantodanio.es

2What’s yours is mine

Though food is set out for all three cats, they seem to like each other’s food more. The picture shows the three cats crisscrossed, eating out of each other’s bowls. They seem to have an understanding of what belongs to whom as they do not appear to be fighting. Cat owners with more than one mog on their hands may want to head over to Knead Cat to read up on what the ideal cat food type is for multiple cat families.

Image Source: www.keblog.it

3Keeping warm

In this picture, the cat is sitting comfortably on the dog who is curled up and trying to keep warm. Either the cat wants to keep itself warm or it just wants to cuddle. Both look comfortable and warm and the cat makes for a nice, fuzzy blanket. People who have both cats and dogs as pets are sure to see more of these adorable exchanges between cats and dogs.

Image Source: chzbgr.com

4Tough choices

There are two perfectly comfortable cat beds on both sides. But being unable to choose, the cat chooses to sit on the hard cupboard top. Whether it is sitting there o decide where to ultimately rest, or it has chosen the hard top over the soft beds, it is hard to say. But this is a perfect demonstration of cat logic being baffling to humans.

Image Source: ww.keblog.it

5Why choose when you can have both?

Unlike the previous picture, when faced with the difficult choice of choosing between two beds, this cat chooses both. It refuses to compromise and lays sprawled out on both beds. These two pictures show that cats are diverse thinkers and that we will never be able to know what they think.

Image Source: nekopple.com

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