Keeping a Cat can protect your home from negative energy and evil spirits

Did you know that cats protect you from ghosts? They have a protective aura that can protect its owner too? Cats are believed by many to be magical creatures with positive astral energy and this can be transferred to you each time your cat brushes your leg. Each time you shoo away a cat when it does this, you are blocking positive energy. As a result, the cat instead of passing its astral force to you may take some of yours.


Cats protect homes from evil spirits and ghosts who may haunt a residence. They also rid a home of negative energy which is particularly beneficial when purchasing an old home that could be afflicted with negative energy from unfortunate incidents.


1 Cats possess powers to confront spirits

As surprising as it may seem a cat can actually sense spirits in a home and instead of being cautious like a dog, a cat instead follows it around the house investigating its intentions. The reason for this behavior is to make sure the spirit does not threaten its territory and will endeavor to dispel the spirit through its own abilities of energy elimination. Sounds fantastic? Well it does no doubt, but such theories have been advocated through many esoteric texts and ancient works to that effect.

A cat can even trap an entity in its own energy field and will then lead it out of the house. This is why you should pay attention to your cat’s behavior especially if it seems tense or constantly stares at something invisible. This could be either a spirit or an evil entity in which case it is imperative that you do a cleansing at home or read prayers over the spot. Should you not have any knowledge of such things, it would be best to burn white sage over the spot which is a powerful way of getting rid of negative energy.

Cats possess powers to confront spirits

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2 Cats can protect from curse and evil eye

Due to a cat’s ability to chase away entities, people conducting a séance to communicate with spirits will never keep one in the room. Cats are known to scare away astral beings however in various magic rituals, the presence of a cat is mandatory.


Keeping a cat protects you from ghosts. They will also protect you from curses and negatative energy directed towards you such as the evil eye. In order to protect yourself from someone directing negative energy towards you in a conversation, you need to keep your hands on the cat to gain its positive influence. Your left hand should be stroking its back and your right hand its tail. In this way you gain the compete influence of the energies emitted from the cat where your energy field too will emerge making it akin to a powerful force shield preventing psychic attack.

Cats can protect from curse and evil eye

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3 Cats with magical powers

Cats protect homes and bring good luck to a house in which they live. They prefer homes with geopathogenic zones where there is a free flow of strong negative energy or even underground water. In Russia there is an amazing ritual where those entering as new home allows the cat to enter first. If the house is an old one the cat absorbs all of the negative energy lingering in the house. If the house is a new one, the cat would provide a powerful energy charge as a ransom to neutralize any negative energy of the house.

It is believed that besides cat protecting you from ghosts, they also have the power to heal those suffering from emotional stress which is effected when you stroke a cat. Cats are also used for improving impaired vision where healers advocate stroking a white cat’s tail. Special cat breeds like Scottish –fold, Persians, bobtails, sphinxes and Egyptian Maus are said to have magical powers. The colors of a cat influence a magical ritual in the following ways.

Cats with magical powers

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4 Colors of cats and their magical properties

Black cat: witchcraft, occult rituals, protection complex magic, wisdom, elimination of dark energy


Red cats: withes moon rituals, enhancing male power, rituals to harvest the power of the sun, yin and yang energy, magic and wealth.

Blue (gray, smoky gray): love, happiness, prosperity, emotional stability, peace

Color point (Siamese):
fame, success, longevity, solar magic, yin and yang energy

Calico (Three-colored): The supreme goddess cat, deep color magic, good luck for land and sea travel, protects the family from harm, happiness.


Two-tone (black-and-white, orange-white, gray and white): wisdom energy, common sense

Tortoiseshell: feminine magic powers, clairvoyancy, healing, children.

Golden, golden brown (like the Abyssinian): revered temple cat, wisdom, regality, grace, solar magic, wisdom.


Tabby (striped): smiling Cheshire cat: good luck, positive energy, happiness, enjoyment.

Colors of cats and their magical properties

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