A Severely malnourished and Cancerous stray dog becomes the star dog of his locality in a few months

A dog is the best friend a human can ever have. While many people bring home dogs from a good breed and find happiness with them, there are these homeless and ill stray dogs that live on the streets unloved and uncared for. One such stray that was covered with cancerous tumours all over his body found hope and love. This is nothing short of a miracle in his life.

1 The Life of Stray Dogs

It is not easy being a stray dog. They are the unloved and homeless lot who have no security and have to hunt for their next meals in garbage cans or discards. These dogs bear the harsh weather conditions be it harsh sunlight or snowy winters. They live on the streets and find places to shield themselves of the harsh weather conditions from time to time. As there is no proper hygiene and diet, these dogs are often plagued with serious health conditions and most of them die unattended.

The Life of Stray Dogs

Image Source: www.naradanews.com

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