Beware of these cute but dangerous animals

They are all fluffy and have the softest hair. Their eyes can melt your heart and you would wish to keep them and pet them, but, they are dangerous and in fact are cannibals. Yes, we know, it is hard to believe that these sweet and adorable faces are dangerous cannibalists that won’t think twice before attacking.

1 Polar bears

How can this fluffy white bear hurt you when all it actually does is cuddle with other bears and occasionally drinks Coca Cola? Well, maybe in the holiday commercials. Cannibalism is well-recorded in polar bears, usually when big males start figuring that smaller, younger bears would make a good snack. This is thought to be one of the side-effects of climate change. The bears generally hunt seals from drifting ice flows, which are now forming later in the year and melting earlier. Unable to get at the seals, polar bears look to alternative food sources, like each other.

Polar bears

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