Beware of these cute but dangerous animals


They are all fluffy and have the softest hair. Their eyes can melt your heart and you would wish to keep them and pet them, but, they are dangerous and in fact are cannibals. Yes, we know, it is hard to believe that these sweet and adorable faces are dangerous cannibalists that won’t think twice before attacking.

1 Polar bears

How can this fluffy white bear hurt you when all it actually does is cuddle with other bears and occasionally drinks Coca Cola? Well, maybe in the holiday commercials. Cannibalism is well-recorded in polar bears, usually when big males start figuring that smaller, younger bears would make a good snack. This is thought to be one of the side-effects of climate change. The bears generally hunt seals from drifting ice flows, which are now forming later in the year and melting earlier. Unable to get at the seals, polar bears look to alternative food sources, like each other.

Polar bears

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2 Sea lions

Sea lions are also riding the cannibalism train but, unlike polar bears, they don’t really have the excuse of doing it for survival. Instead, their reasons seem to revolve around laziness and boredom. Male sea lions off the coast of New Zealand were seen stealing babies from the smaller and weaker females, who obviously weren’t too happy about it, but couldn’t do anything to stop it. They’d simply swim up and grab babies before dragging them out into the open water, at which point the unfortunate young ones would be dismembered and eaten. No one is exactly sure why they do this, unless the laziness/boredom theory is correct. Some theories say that the pups are just too tempting as a food source, while others speculate that they’re mostly killing for the sake of reducing upcoming competition.

Sea lions

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3 Ground squirrel

You would be hard pressed to find an animal that cares about kids less than a ground squirrel. This probably has something to do with the fact that their juveniles are at the very bottom of the food chain, and possess the survival skills of a gummy bear. Only a tiny fraction will make it through their first year, with the rest dying of cold, starvation, or predators (including other ground squirrels). The adults don’t need much of an excuse to make a meal out of babies, but they’re not entirely indiscriminate either, and only eat squirrels that aren’t related to them. When a squirrel loses its children, it will usually move to a safer area and steal another’s burrow, making a meal out of any kids inside as it does, in turn causing that other squirrel to move to a different burrow and kill more kids and so on and so forth. Their reasons are twofold; firstly, killing unrelated babies is a great way to eliminate competition. And secondly, they’re just plain delicious and nutritious.

Ground squirrel

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4 Octopuses

Although they’re not exactly cute, with their surprising intelligence, inquisitive eyes, and occasional penchant for sexual cannibalism. It is not unheard of for octopuses to start hunting each other when food is scarce, but in 2007, researchers were surprised to see a female drag off and devour a smaller male after mating with it. It was the first time anyone had seen that kind of thing, and because they’re thorough types, these researchers were able to provide us with an unnecessarily detailed explanation of just what happened.


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5 Chicken

Unbelievable, but hens will peck around looking for food and every now and then they’ll nip at each other. But sometimes, those nips will draw blood, and sometimes they’ll decide they like the taste. Once the wound is open, it’s fair game. Other chickens within reach will pile on the unfortunate victim, and start pecking off a piece for themselves. Any attempt to fight back will just draw more attention and make things worse.


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6 Meerkats

These are probably one of the cutest animals on the planet. They work together, raise children together, and have just the cutest widdle fuzzy tummies and furry faces. Their cannibalistic tendencies are slightly less cute. The problem is that their native desert homes just don’t have enough food to support all the babies. Generally there’s only enough for one litter at a time, and each mother does all she can to make sure that it’s hers.


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