9 Areas of Your Dog That Are Important To Massage Which Your Dog Will Thank You For

Massaging really helps in relieving pain and soreness, reducing fatigue and by default improving our overall health. Even animals can benefit from massages and in case you thought that it’s only pleasurable for humans, then you’d be astonished to find out how it can work wonders for your dog. You can calm your dog’s nervous system, relieve their sore joints and strained muscles, and also help their muscles in warming up before taking them for a walk or a game, with a good massage. Here are some tips on which parts of your dog’s body should you massage to keep them calm, active, and healthy.


1Massage on Head

There are numerous blood vessels, organs, and muscles, in a dog’s head which will surely benefit from an increase in the blood flow induced by a good massage. Just like all other muscles within a dog’s body, the muscles in the dog’s head also suffer from tension and spasms. This is where a good head massage would come in handy in relieving those stressed out and stiff muscles.

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How to massage

These simple instructions on how to give your dog a proper head massage should suffice. It won’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Just be sure to not exert too much pressure to the sensitive areas of the head as this can cause your dog to get nervous.

  • Massage the top of head with fingertips. This stimulates the skin and increases blood circulation.
  • Stimulate dog’s facial area by tapping lightly in the face
  • Stimulate the ears by lightly pulling on the ear flaps and massage them
  • Rotate ear flaps to open ear canal for improved air circulation. Cup base of ear with hand and move in circular motion in both directions. End by gliding hands down ears.
  • Apply pressure just above sinuses with thumbs on bridge of nose and above eyes.
  • Massage mouth by rubbing gums to improve oral health. Run fingers along muzzle to back of jaw and under the dog’s chin and down the neck.
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2Ear Massage

To improve blood circulation in your dog’s ears, pull their ear flaps gently and massage them. Rotating the ear flaps will help open up the ear canal and improve circulation. Finish it off by gliding the fingers down your furry friend’s ear flaps. Remember to always be careful while massaging the ears and don’t apply too much pressure.

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3Neck Massage

Ever notice that when your dog has to look at things that are not in front of them, your dog turns his entire body? This could only mean that they possibly have a sore or stiff neck. It’s not uncommon for dogs to easily injure or strain their necks. Visiting a vet should be your next move if this is the case, to avoid the chances of any serious injuries.

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A massage technique

But if it isn’t too serious, try out this massaging technique that will help in relaxing your dog’s neck and relieving any stiffness or pain. While massaging the neck, if your dog happens to show signs of discomfort, resort to petting him/her to calm them down or give them some treats. You’ll find that calming down a dog can work differently depending on the dog’s overall mood.

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