Animals with chemical weapons. Meet the most toxic animals still existing on earth

Apart from such popular venomous creatures like the King Cobra or the puffer fish, the earth is also home to some uncommon but equally deadly species that you may have never known about. Their poison could well be compared to the most dangerous Chemical weapons with which they have been naturally endowed, thanks, to the amazing factor called evolution.

Here are five lesser known toxic animals still existing on earth.

1 The Blue capped Ifrit

Have you ever come across a poisonous bird?? It’s most unlikely and yes the blue capped Ifrit is toxic. Scientifically named the Ifrita Kowaldi, it belongs to three species of birds found in New Guinea. All of them possess toxic chemical weapons. The blue capped ifrit acquires its poison from choresine beetles which form its daily food.

The frit ingests a neurotic alkaloid called homobatrachtoxin from the choresine beetle and incorporates the toxin into its wings and feathers. Batrachtoxins can lead to instant paralysis and heart attack. And we thought only man could optimize chemical weapons!!

The Blue capped Ifrit

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