Some amazing photographs of whales and dolphins taken by Christopher Swann

3 The “Dances with the Whales” Project

The images taken by Swann are both in color and black and white, bringing out the best of his subjects. There are long shots and close-ups of the animals while being docile or doing some maneuver. The images are very modest in their appearance. The black and white images bring out details that would have been missed in colored photographs.

Dances with the Whales

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He has been able to capture the water ripples created by an orca and even the chaos created by a school of fishes
when a group of dolphins attack them.

group of dolphins

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When asked about his skills, Swann said “People tell me I have an instinct for finding whales but I don’t believe that. Learning to look is an art that takes time, effort and intense concentration. To find a whale you must become the thing you hunt.”

humpback whales

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Swann has been dubbed as the ‘Whale Whisperer‘for his knack of finding out whales. Though he took to photography a bit late, his works have garnered lots of fans and have earned him both reputation and money.

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