Some amazing photographs of whales and dolphins taken by Christopher Swann


Whales and dolphins are two of the most reclusive species of aquatic animals in the world. Whales are the only mammals that live underwater, only coming to the surface for air. The Blue Whale is considered as the largest mammal ever recorded, with the largest specimen growing 30m in length and weighing at 180 metric tons.

Dolphins on the other hand are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Though reclusive, they are known to become friendly with humans who interact with them on a daily basis and are known to help out divers and other fishes.

Here are some breathtaking and amazing photographs of whales and dolphins taken by well-known photographer Christopher Swann in his series “Dances with the whales”.


1 Who is Christopher Swann?

Christopher Swann is a Glasgow based photographer whose work is primarily from Scotland, featuring lots of the highlands and islands of the beautiful country. He started working young and has been fascinated with the landscapes and waters of Scotland. Recently he was in news for clicking some breath taking images of cetaceans like dolphins and whales in different routines of their daily life.

Christopher Swann

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