Adorable Lioness Loves to Hug and Cuddle with Her Caregiver Of 10 Years

8The pair are inseparable pals

According to Valentin, the key to caring for such a big, strong, and wild animal is “a lot of love and time. My girlfriend also helps a lot with all the other animals. But in the past 12 years, I haven’t had a holiday yet – no regrets, though.” Taking care of Sirga seems to have Valentin occupied 24/7. But he never tires of it, nor does he complain, and loves her company.

The pair are inseparable pals

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9They have many pics together

When it comes to Valentin and Sirga, they have many pictures of them hanging out with each other. The pictures are mostly like those obligatory cheesy selfies which people take with their best friend. But since they’re so close, it would be great if they captured their most precious moments together to keep as fond memories.

They have many pics together

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10Sirga is the most affectionate lioness

Many big cats in the world have a good bond with their caregivers. But very few are as affectionate as Sirga. By far, Sirga is one of a kind, as she openly displays her affection in the form of hugs and cuddles with Valentin. These two are the best examples that show that you can even form close friendships and bonds with the unlikeliest of companions. Sirga and Valentin continue to live happily on her preserve, and there are many more videos and pics to appear online.

Sirga is the most affectionate lioness

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