15 Pictures of Finalists of the 2021 Bird Photographer of The Year Awards

Photographers and people who are huge photography enthusiasts know how difficult bird photos are to capture. It takes a lot of effort to get one perfect photo from a number of shots. Photographers have to work hours on end to set up and prepare for these shots. Sometimes they even have to stealthily crawl around and wait patiently for days out in the open. For this reason, those who remain dedicated to avian photography deserve a lot of credit and acknowledgement.


The Bird Photographer Of The Year Awards showcases the brilliant skills of the many gifted photographers. Every year this competition takes place to celebrate avian photography. Here are 15 finalists of the 2021 Bird Photographer Of The Year Awards.

1White-Tailed Sea-Eagle- Fahad Alenezi

In the northern latitudes, there is a short supply of food for many species in the winter. This is when the animals have to take huge risks to survive. Like this red fox in the photo who boldly ventured close to an area where eagles were feeding. Taking exception to the fox’s incursion one-white-tailed eagle decided to teach this pesky fox a lesson with its gigantic wings.

White-Tailed Sea-Eagle- Fahad Alenezi

Img Src: /siol.net

2Red-crowned Crane- Li Ying Lou

When red-crowned cranes form a pair, they remain together for the rest of the year including the winter months. These birds engage in fascinating behavior designed to make their bonds stronger. They perform a kind of dual-honking ritual along with an elaborate dance. To capture shots of their rituals, photographers flock to Japan where these birds are found. It was on Li’s 8th attempt that he was able to capture a photo that did justice to these calling birds.

Red-crowned Crane- Li Ying Lou

Img Src: pmdstatic.net

3Great Grey Owl- Scott Suriano

The photographer Scott Sriano was caught in a sudden heavy snow squall while exploring the Northwoods of Minnesota when he spotted the great grey owl hunting. The owl was up in the sky scanning the meadow in search of its next meal. Soon it came swooping down into the snow-covered field and within moments launched off with a vole in its talons.

Great Grey Owl- Scott Suriano

Img Src: www.slrlounge.com

4Great Cormorant- Irma Szabo

Irma Szabo, the photographer of the shot, revealed that before taking this photo, she wasn’t too fond of cormorants. Since they are adept fish catchers, they aren’t always welcomed in the fish ponds of her country. But, in the winter of 2020, these birds were present in front of a bird hide which she usually visited to take pictures. Since there was nothing else for her to photograph, she took the shot and consequently became a finalist in the 2021 Bird Photographer Of The Year Awards.

Great Cormorant

Img Src: forbes.com

5Eurasian Nuthatch- Mark Williams

Mark Williams was able to photograph this nuthatch in his garden with rear-curtain flash synchronization. As a bird photographer he usually attracts birds to his garden using bird feed and peanuts which are some of the nuthatch’s favorite foods.

Eurasian Nuthatch

Img Src: forbes.com


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