15 Pics From The ‘Wildlife Photographer of The Year’ Contest That People Are Loving the Most

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest which took place a couple of months ago released some of its best pictures. The competition is an internationally renowned competition that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards the works of talented photographers from amateurs to professionals.


These 15 images were some of the few that were shortlisted by the Natural History Museum from over 49,000 entries from all over the world.

1“Lion King” by Wim Van Den Heever

This huge male lion lying on top of a large granite rock was spotted by Wim as a gust of cold wind picked up and blew across the vast open plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania. As the last rays of the sun broke through the cloud as a storm approached, the lion raised his head and glanced in Wim’s direction which helped him get an awesome shot for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest.

>“Lion King” by Wim Van Den Heever

Img Src: wpimg.pl

2 “Bat Woman” by Douglas Gimsey

Julie Malherbe a wildlife rescuer was photographed taking a call to assist the next animal rescue while looking after 3 grey-headed flying foxes which were recently orphaned. This mega bat is one such species which has been listed as vulnerable to extinction due to destruction of its habitat, and frequent mass deaths caused by heat-stress events.

“Bat Woman” by Douglas Gimsey

Img Src: cdn.fishki.net

3 “Hare Ball” by Andy Parkinson

Andy was on the watch for mountain hares near Tomatin in the Scottish Highlands for five weeks. He waited patiently while frozen and prostrated for a sign of any movement like a shake or even a yawn which would typically be seen every 30 to 45 minutes.


The cold winds which surged around him relentlessly. But, he soon got what he wanted when a little female rabbit curled her body up into a perfect spherical shape which he called a “Hare ball”.

Hare Ball” by Andy Parkinson

Img Src: media.caak.mn


4 “The Last Goodbye” by Amy Vitale

In the picture, the last male northern white rhino can be seen drawing its last breath moments before passing away, while Joseph Wachira a caretaker comforts him. The rhino died at the Ol Peteja Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. Sudan, the rhino, who was suffering from age-related complications, was surrounded by the people who had cared for him in his final moments.

The Last Goodbye” by Amy Vitale

Img Src: akamaized.net


5 “Drey Dreaming” by Neil Anderson

With temperature dropping and the weather turning cold, two Eurasian squirrels cuddle in warmth and comfort of a box placed in a pine tree. Neil Anderson, the photographer, had put the box in one of the pine trees near his home in the Scottish Highlands. While one squirrel is clearly visible, there are indeed two squirrels in it because it is a common behavior among squirrels to share dreys during the colder months of the year.

Drey Dreaming” by Neil Anderson

Img Src: www.nhm.ac.uk


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