14 Things That Pet Owners Do That Their Pets Hate

5Wearing too much perfume or body spray

People sometimes plug their nose when they walk through the perfume department at a large store. Now think about it, your dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times more sensitive than yours and if you have a body spray addiction, you might be making it very unpleasant for your pet. The same can be said about scented candles, so consider toning down wearing too much deodorant or perfume or even using too many scented candles at home.

Wearing too much perfume or body spray

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6Not properly cleaning your cat’s litter box

Cats have a habit of notoriously cleaning and grooming themselves as they are kind of finicky. They can even become rather vengeful especially when it comes to their litter box. If you fail to keep their litter box clean enough for them or maybe even get them a litter box which they don’t like, they might just use your bathtub or shoes. Be sure to clean your cat’s litter box properly and regularly if you don’t want to go through something like that.

Not properly cleaning your cat’s litter box

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7Keeping them alone

Cats and dogs can easily bond with their human owners and remain happy even if they are without a partner. But the same cannot be said for pets like rats, guinea pigs, and other such animals. These kinds of pets really need a partner of their own species to play around with and snuggle up to during the long hours they spend in their cages. Loneliness is one of the things your pets hate so be sure to give them a companion or simply get them in pairs.

Keeping them alone

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8Disregarding your dog’s energy levels

Many-first-time dog owners tend to overlook this one simple thing. If you are one to sit on the couch binge watching Netflix all day while you have a high-energy greyhound puppy around, your pup is probably going to go crazy cooped up inside the house all day. But, if you want a dog that you can take out on runs with you every morning, then it’s best not to get breed’s like a stumpy basset hound and others that aren’t meant for strenuous physical activity. When choosing a dog, make sure you get one that matches your lifestyle.

Disregarding your dog’s energy levels

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9Petting your cat too often and aggressively

Cats prefer to think of themselves as apex predators when in reality they are really soft marshmallows who can get over stimulated pretty easily. Expressing your love and affection for your cat by shrieking with delight or enthusiastically cuddling them most of the time is something they really dislike. They appreciate more subtle gestures like a lighter touch.

Petting your cat too often and aggressively

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