14 Things That Pet Owners Do That Their Pets Hate

People are always doting over their pets and sometimes even tend to spoil them because they love them more than anything. However, there are certain actions that pet owners might be doing which in their minds are probably in the best interest for their pets but, they fail to realize that their pets don’t exactly like it.


Sometimes pet owners can make seemingly small mistakes which contribute to their pets’ discomfort, sickness, anxiety, and aggression. While pet owners only want what’s best for their pets, they still can do a few things which doesn’t really sit well with their pets. As a pet owner the last thing you would want is to drive your pet crazy. So, here are 14 things your pets hate which you should stop or avoid doing.

1Being inconsistent with them

Once you set rules for your pet, you need everyone you live with to be on board with it. Suppose you don’t want your cat jumping up on specific places or you don’t want your dog licking your faces, make sure that everyone joins in on enforcing these rules.


Failing to do so, will only convey mixed messages to your pet and this will confuse them. As a result, they will only get stressed out and these are such things your pets hate as it is hard for them to handle.

Being inconsistent with them

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2Making your pets live in tiny cages

If you have a rat or a guinea pig as a pet, then making them live in a tiny cramped cage that doesn’t give them enough room will only make them uncomfortable and unhappy. Even if you crate train your dog in a small cage, they aren’t going to want to do it because some of the things your pets hate are places that are too small to move around in.

Caged animal like rodents and guinea pigs require a lot of room to explore, play around in, and exercise to live a happy and healthy life. If their cage is too small, it will only make them depressed and eventually fall sick.

Making your pets live in tiny cages

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3Rubbing your cat in the wrong way

Cats tend to greet people they like by showing them their bellies, but that doesn’t mean that they are asking for belly rubs. In fact, if you do rub their belly it would mean breaking their trust. Moreover, they might just scratch you if you touch or rub their bellies. Cats prefer you greeting them with soft head pats.

Rubbing your cat in the wrong way

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4Hugging your dog

Dogs can be very affectionate and sociable pets, but many don’t like being hugged. While they can tolerate being hugged by their owners who they are comfortable with, they might still not enjoy it. In fact, some dogs can even feel threatened when large arms are wrapped around them. They can give you subtle signs like yawning, averting their eyes, stiffening up, or licking their lips which show you that they don’t like being hugged.

Hugging your dog

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