12 Things Your Dog Will Do When He Wants To Tell You Something

Most dogs will affectionately see their owners as a parent or an equal. In the same way, those who truly love their dogs regard them as their own fur kids rather than animals. The only problem is that though many may love their pets, they may fail to understand the signs of communication of what message a dog wants to convey. Dogs communicate through actions and to be able to read the signs is important for every dog lover to control their animals and keep them happy. Here are 12 signs of dog communication to show you he is trying to tell you something.

1 Constant eye contact

If your dog is staring at you with intensity and focus even though her expression is normal, it is a strong display of affection. Research in Japan even linked eye contact with increased levels of oxytocin, the hormone that expresses the qualities of attachment and caring.

Constant eye contact

Image Source: www.cbsistatic.com

2 Bringing things to you

Not always will this mean that your dog want to play fetch with you. If he brings you one of his toys, it means he is actually gifting you one of his possessions which is a big thing for any dog. This is also one of his original instincts coming in to play but rather than give you dead prey, he gives you toys.

Bringing things to you

Image Source: www.cheekymonkeymedia.ca

3 Raising one paw up in the air

If your dog raises one paw in the air while looking at you with her head bowed down, it is a sign that you should move out of the way, it is her predator instinct making her go on a hunt and the action means she is ready to pounce on some imaginary prey or even a small bird. Most digs even love playing with humans in such a fashion.

Raising one paw up in the air

Image Source: www.dogsaholic.com

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